Inflatable team mascot tunnel

Inflatable Mascot Tunnels

Looking for something more unique? Have a tunnel made from your team’s mascot. We attach your team’s mascot to the front of a tunnel using your team colors, name on the side of the tunnel and logo on the door.

We have dozens of different team mascots available from bulldogs to tigers to wildcats and bears, eagles and everything in between.

The mascot is attached to a tunnel that can be 9′ long or up to 18′ long depending on your budget.

Call or email us today to discuss your project and for a free artist rending of how your mascot tunnel could look so you can see before you buy.


Inflatable caardinal tunnel
inflatable dragon mascot tunnel
Wildcat mascot tunnel inflatable
Inflatable tiger mascot tunnel
inflatable bulldog tunnel
Inflatable ram tunnel
greyhound mascot tunnel
Inflatable eagle mascot tunnel
wolf mascot tunnek
knight team tunnel
Gold tiger tunnel
hornet yellow jacket mascot
inflatable sports team tunnel
snake mascot tunnel
pioneer inflatable tunnel
Pirate inflatable team tunnel
bulldog inflatable team tunnel
wildcat bearcat inflatable tunnel
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