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BIG Productions, Inc.
45300 B US Highway 20
, OH 44075

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Big Productions Facebook Page
Big Productions Facebook Page

Crank up the Noise in your stadium next Friday night or Saturday afternoon. Imagine your team exploding onto the field through one of these professionally built, custom designed inflated sport tunnels emblazoned with your team mascot and colors.

In addition to using your BIG Productions sports tunnel for team introduction at games, it can make a high profile impression indoors and outdoors at carnivals, ceremonies, and other events. (Add a table and you instantly have an excellent booth for selling booster items!)

We will work within your budget to design a unit to suit your needs, whether it is a run through football helmet, tunnel topper, or standard sport tunnel with artwork, which is available in various lengths. Commercial sponsors are often eager to help offset the costs in exchange for advertising on a removable banner on the side of the tunnel. Check out sample photos of Sports Tunnels, Helmets, Mascot Tunnels, and Head Tunnels.

If you enjoy supporting your local high school, college, or professional team, consider giving them a rousing introduction with an inflatable sports entrance tunnel from BIG Productions!

Deluxe sport entrance tunnel with fog machine

high school football inflatable helmet and sport tunnels

Inflatable tiger mascot tunnel