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Inflated Elephant walk around costume

BIG Productions, Inc.
45300 B US Highway 20
, OH 44075

ph: 440-775-0015

fax: 440-775-0017

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Big Productions Facebook Page
Big Productions Facebook Page

Cold-Air Inflatables have become a mainstay in the realm of advertising and promotion. Go to any sporting event, festival, or trade show and you are likely to see an inflatable. Studies have consistently shown increased customer traffic drawn by the presence of an eye-catching inflatable. The advantages of this form of promotion are obvious: inflatables are high impact visual images which are easily transported and operated.

BIG Productions Incorporated has been crafting unique inflatables for many years. We pride ourselves on precision manufacture and quick turnaround, and we are dedicated to supplying attractive, quality products at affordable prices. Only the best materials and equipment are used for our creations, and our sewers pay close attention to detail.
Our experienced design staff works directly with our customers, using existing media or in-house renderings, to bring concepts to life. We are always finding creative ways to make old ideas new again. At BIG Productions your inflatable project gets the special attention it deserves.
Whether you are interested in a twenty foot rooftop advertising balloon or seven foot inflated costume, sport entrance tunnel or custom product replica, you can count on BIG Productions for high quality inflatables.

Inflatable Sports Entrance Tunnels

Home Depot giant advertising inflatable

Dog and Cat rooftop ad inflatable